Young students, girls & boys, who have been attending The School of Design in Bratislava, managed to create the amount of nearly 300 videos in the length of 10 seconds each, by means of which they provide us with the reflection of their own survival of the isolation during the Corona virus pandemic. The mosaic of their art-pieces has created a diverse but concern-provoking picture of the way how today’s generation of high school students perceives and handles their being in this difficult life situation.

The students spend the vast majority of their time at home as a consequence of the contra-pandemic measurements. Many of them have not seen their friends, teachers and family members for months in real life. They are not allowed to go to school, cultural events, they cannot meet up and cheer out with their peers. Short videos of students of the art school depict their loneliness, scepticism, stereotype, time slowly passing by, their memories, but also their desire and hope for the return to life they had known before Covid.

We would like to reflect this situation without precedent in a certain specific way, and therefore we would like to give our students an opportunity to express what they feel during these days of isolation and how they relive their life situation these days. The outcome of their way of thinking is, with regards to the distant mode of tuition, digital as well, and has maintained the form of 10 seconds -long videos presented on this website that introduces us to the way of perception and reflection of the survival of the whole generation which has been struck by the pandemic.

Particular videos – art pieces and the website were created as a final conclusion and outcome of the specialised practical experience MADESHIP which is performed by The SCHOOL OF DESIGN in the cooperation with the advertisement agency MADE BY VACULIK. This year assignment was not connected to the propositions of campaigns or design products as it had been so in the previous years. We focused our attention to the young people themselves because we are interested in the way how they are personally touched by the actual situation.

The instructions were to create a video-reflexion in the length of 10 seconds each which was about to show their own actual being and survival during these days. Furthermore, there is one very important issue which is sometimes being forgotten within the scale of often pragmatically led discussion about the pandemical precautions, measures and their impacts – and it is : what does it make with our emotional perception and the way of thinking. According to the conversations we have been constantly maintaining we know that many students have difficulties to come to terms with this situation and have been persistently waiting for positive news.

COVIDEA project is a visual message about the actual state of being of the maturing young generation. By means of its content, this reflexion of experience of the students of The School of Design with their proper isolation should attract the interest of all of us; peers, parents, teachers but also public-law institutions and organs of public sector and state
power that are able to influence by their decisions the feeling perceived by the young generation of the students, with which they have been waking up every morning.